Zero Review

Shah Rukh Khan yet again gives an unforgettable performance as an extremely charming and witty Baua Singh. But, yet again, Zero script did not do justice to the superlative and towering act of the Superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

Zero starts with a bang! The 1st half brings to us, the quintessential Anand L Rai and Himanshu’s world. Packed with humour and milieu of a  small North Indian city.  It keeps you hooked to the proceedings and totally entertained with several laughs out loud one liners.

The Mere Naam Tu ballad of love, yet again proves, that there is none better than SRK  when it comes to Romance. Shahrukh as Baua performs the best way, one possibly can. He is just immensely lovable. His body language, slang, and the energy he brings into the character makes you realise how sincere and hard-working SRK is to his craft. The amazing supporting cast, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Zeeshan, etc.  are equally amazing. 

The second half takes a big turn in the narrative and drives us to Mars, in the climax (You may have guessed from the trailer). The idea is not wrong, however, the concept is new and interesting but somewhere in the writing, the screenplay doesn’t hold as strongly as the first one. But that’s okay if you remember, even Raanjhana delves into politics in the middle but then comes back with a heart-wrenching climax.  Alas, that Amazingly moving and heart wrenching climax is missing in Zero. Director Anand L. Rai tries to create a fantasy world here in this half of the movie, and thus, Himanshu’s writing asks us to look beyond few realistic things, to offer a larger than life, story. 

Therefore, the plot may click with some and may not. But my concern here is that you may ignore the underlying depth of Baua’s character while pondering over the Zero’s plot. Second half delivers  some  emotional, twisted and deep meaning scenes, which have been  extremely well performed by SRK and Anushka.

On Watching Zero,  you will soon realize that Baua being a dwarf simply wants to be happy and ignore the shortcomings of his life. Stripping down on the streets of NY, or emotional confrontation with Aafia at the space centre, explain much about Baua’s character. 

The special praise should go to the VFX. Full Marks for VFX to make  SRK, look unbelievably dwarf. It is a delight to watch a dwarf Shah Rukh. Further, in the later portion with the space centre and rockets, the VFX is praise-worthy. Shah Rukh Khan is one actor, who has been giving such audacious, risky, and difficult performances. It’s time he gets an equally worthy script.  


I just wish it had a climax like Raanjhana.  Anushka and Katrina deliver one of their best performances. Especially Katrina ( probably her career best) needs to be applauded. Also, the production design, the cinematography is brilliant.

The shortcomings of Zero would have been overcome, if the second half was crisper, trimmed, and had an amazing climax. Zero could have been a unanimously loved movie, SRK deserves. For now, Zero will be loved by some and not by some, but Shah Rukh Khan will make you all love him and make you watch every scene, especially for him. 

Watch it for SRK, Anushka and Katrina’s brilliant performances. The Brilliant first half, some heartwarming and moving scenes in the second half and a super towering act by the Superstar and the super actor Mr Shah Rukh Khan.

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