Petal of Kindness

Grand Mother

Independent, Smart, Bold and Endearing are your qualities that keep me delighted.

Visiting you every summer are the cherished memories that will last forever.

My mom told me, you fought with everyone to bring the little me into this world.

The first steps were rejected by mankind but you pushed away the hurdles to whine.

You fed me with joy, humanity and kindness in a wake to make me a better kind.


I hold on to your wise words “learn to earn what you wish for”

Because earning will make you realise the worth of all.

Keeping myself Calm to brushing my teeth,

You taught me everything about how it should be.

You let the positivity to flourish within me.


Here I am trying cope-up with my 9 to 5 Job and more

Waiting for my calls is your weekend Job.

You always speak of good things, each time we talked.

You never told me what you were going through all along.


It breaks my heart and I cried when I heard for the first time.

Imagining the cries and pain you are bearing inside.

“Cancer” it is and you said it will go away in some time.

I am still waiting to hear from you.


How are you??

You comfort me again and said it is fine

All I wish and pray is to see you smile. Get well soon Grand Ma

Since letting you go will inflict a deep wound within my heart.

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