It’s not about moving forward, it’s about giving direction to oneself

Be happy

In our everyday lives, we constantly strive to please our souls by putting an extra effort towards doing something new. This endeavour we go through makes us wonder whether we are actually satisfied and happy with our present lives? Or is it some illusion of attaining happiness that we are trying to achieve and are succeeding nowhere?

The activities which are aligned for our betterment or self-attaining goals keeps us engaged and creates an image that we are not sitting idle. It’s becoming a typical behaviour among the youth that one found themselves exhausted, alone, gloomy, isolated, and crying for no reason at all. Seeing them in these kinds of situation compelled people to ask, why we are behaving weird or what has happened? We lay wondering what has happened. Why our mind and heart are seeking different directions and driving us crazy. We don’t want to name it inside our heads but are we depressed about something?

Pushing ourselves to be happy and trying different routines may help us pass the day. But what to do when you are not able to sleep and time goes around thinking about long-lost conversations. We feel that we should discuss what has happened to us but who has the patience to listen to our whining, instead of giving advice. So are we actually happy with our current life? We can fill the gaps created by a wound but the healing takes time. Are we up for the healing process? And no, it’s not an easy road, but, it’s going to be very difficult and challenging. I guess, we all want a fresh start, have new relations and discard the past foes.

“The edge of glory awaits those who conquer fights with inner-self against distress”.

It all depends on three things: Driving Change, Being Creative and Prioritising.

Driving Change

Instead of following the right routine designed for you, mark the change that you want to see in yourself. As a person, I don’t want to fumble when I am giving presentation or to be hesitant when I am meeting new people. Change can be about anything. For example, when you wake up and the first thing you see should be something which has connectivity to you. It can begin with changing the colour of your room, adding certain articles which are driving you to do something new each day. Thus, bringing out your passion in the best possible way. I fear sleeping alone at night and often wake up to bad dreams, I tried using dream catcher and colourful lights that created a difference and helps me to sleep better.

Be happy

Being Creative

Being Creative is how we are initiating our inventiveness inside us, developing our environment and setting up things according to our need. Creative things lead to concentrated thinking. Organising our desk and drawers, making our bed every morning makes us responsible yet creative. Adding a little difference to routine life with some fun ideas which we used to try as kids can be a lot more engaging and will keep us busy and away from the negative thought process. 


Last, but not the least, one should prioritize their to-do list in life. Please don’t ever forget that ‘you can never make everyone happy’, someone or the other will always be unhappy with the choices you make. It is good to be selfish for keeping up your good mental health. One should not stress the outcomes because they will be uncertain and sometimes unentertaining. Set the mark for the things which actually value your passion, make your inner self proud of the work you are doing for yourself other than pleasing nobodies for somebodies temporary in life.

Remember: It’s not about moving forward, it’s about giving direction to oneself”.

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