George Orwell: Dystopic 1984 to Grim Realities of 2018

George Orwell
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George Orwell, born on 25 June, wrote the masterpiece 1984 and published it in 1949, in the aftermath of World War II. All thanks to my cousin huge library I got my hand on this novel when I was still in class 10th. The grim realities presented in this marvellous fiction has now become a stark reality for me.

Based on the dystopian phase of the majestic London, the book deals with the disillusioned patriotism. The brainwashed generation who is unable to have a critical approach or controlled sexual need. For people who are having any kind of rebellious idea, the Minister of love, Thought Police is keeping constant surveillance with an order to completely annihilate or indoctrinate the accused.

Completely horrified by the catastrophic moral policing, I was claustrophobic with the ideas the novel presents. However, in this age, the present realities are exceedingly dark, and terrifying as compared to the novel’s atmosphere.

George Orwell
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“Big brother is watching you” may be actually true in the present scenario. Four years ago with a promise of Vikas and Mandir Wahi banayenge, a Big Brother gained the power of our country.

In the book 1984, there is a Thought Police that keeps surveillance with television and well-trained spies. In this hi-tech age, we are constantly under surveillance through social media. Our Facebook and WhatsApp are constantly under scrutiny to exterminate any opposition. There are several incidents of people getting arrested if they present they view on our current government. Journalist or author who expressed their “opposing view” are being threatened.

And while we strive to save right to freedom of speech, the cosmic feeling for which “launched a thousand ships/And burnt the topless towers of Ilium“, Love is under threat. The propaganda of Love jihad and anti-Romeo squad are reminiscent of the ministry of love from the novel. People have started self-moralizing others and we see cases of couples being threatened if they expressed their love publicly.

The 2 min hate programme where the party members are obliged to watch a film and foam under the mouth may have an analogy with our trolls who are actively spreading hatred through their special media.

Lynching has now become a common trend and hatred is on the rise. Children in the name of defence are being trained to slaughter in the name of sacrifice. A false sense of nationalism is being infused in the name of spreading religion.

We are living in a society which has brainwashed to such extent that even 2+2 = 5 is correct for us. Mere rumours are enough to get killed. One has to be on their toes as only mere whims may get you labelled as a sickular or a deshdrohi.

George Orwell must have sensed to parodies the present situation. While people are pushed to spread hatred in the name of fundamental duties towards their mother, nation and religion, one has to ask about the misuse and exploitation of fundamental rights. One has to ask themselves about the humanity.

“Ask themselves about what will happen to humanity whose “moral roots from which both order and freedom spring”. – Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

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