Farrago of Thoughts

Thoughts creating confusion
@Confusion in My Mind by Brina-Ela

Optional, delusional and rhetorical that’s how our life is getting these days. 

 Sickening low-key mentality, saddening thoughts are depriving happiness of our society. 

Does anyone care when that happens? We are struggling in our everyday lives.

Am I there yet… I wonder this every night.     

Is waking-up without nightmares is still the wildest dream, I preserve inside.

Constant glares freeze me up inside, look for change, and prepare myself every day for a new fight.

But here I am lying unguarded, don’t know what happens if my fear knows that I am still alive.

I want to say #Metoo, out loud so the world listens to my story.     

But will it make a difference to the dudes who made it so indifferent.

I live up to say “Don’t Cry” because girl you have got to burn some shit and shine brightly.

Yet, Here I lie awake with these thoughts circling my mind.       

Will I be able to sleep tonight?

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