Cruel Love


Looking at the sunset with my head resting on your shoulder.

Are we there yet or still hurdles are around the corner.

Looking at your half-lit face, I feel mesmerised.

I cherish those feelings which you left undivide.

You say you’d remember and somehow I believe your comforting lies.

I prepare myself to be on a delusional ride.


It all began with you finding the light.

You called me sunshine and here you lie in disguise.

We roam and explore the body and mind.

You treat me as a visitor to your roller coaster ride.


Keep it “casual” you asked while ending the night.

I was in dilemma because I never asked about our kind.

We were having fun and chasing the lights.

Until you messed up the fun and put me behind.

I will never say, “Look What You Made Me Do”.

Cause forgetting you will take a day or two!!!

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